Money Saved In 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Touching Base

I really havent done much this week. Wiht the 3 day weekend & hubby sick I just havent done much.

I did continue decluttinering the computer room. That's my room of focus for Jan.

I have printed some coupons, did a survey online, received a survey in the mail that I need to do & received some coupons.

I havent been sleeping much so I got 2 library books read this week! Both by Karen Kingsbury. Sarah's song & A Time to Embrace. I loved them both! Sarah's song probably spoke to me more. It had a verse from Proverbs that says " Above all else, guard your heart" That has been my verse for the week.

I havent put any savings down for using the library. Wasnt sure how to do that. But it seems it should go under some kind of savings! lol What do you think?

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