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Monday, December 3, 2007


Who have you read in 2007? What did you love? What did you not care for? Who do you hope to read in 2008? Here is a link to an author I plan to check out in 2008: She is posted under the post 3rd day of Christmas.

My new authors this year were Neta Jackson & Karen Kinsbury. And I was thrilled that Lori Wick put out 3 new boos!..I have 2 of them read & the 3rd one sits in my pile to read.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tis the be emotional

The 4 kiddos left this morning to go to their dad's. Dale & I went to K-Mart to do grocery & Christmas shopping. We had just started ( was filling our water jugs) and having a "normal" conversation..not about kids..just catching up with each other...when I hear something & I look up to see what it is. Here comes a man ( I'm guessing "grandpa") pushing a cart with a little girl in it ( Dale thinks she wasn't more than 2) The little one gets so excited telling "Grandpa" that there is "Mommy" ( she's pointing to me) then her face falls just a tad but keeps jabbering how I look like Mommy...and then whispers, "But does she know where my Daddy is?" When she started jabbering about me being "mommy" the man's face got like I know mine does when I just want to move on with the little guys & he just nodded & you can tell he was trying to get away from us. I smiled @ her & waved a little & as soon as she turned the corner I absolutely fell apart into Dale's arms! sigh..a whole generation being raised that are looking into stranger's faces trying to find their parents! I was just heart-broken!!

Just thought I would share, and ask..what makes you emotional this time of year?