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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Centerpeice issued a challenge of making a centerpeice. It was quite a challenge for me! ugh! It took 30 min utes to find a place to put it. Then in gathering my items I knocked things off & things came crashing down on my head! double ugh! But, I now have a centerpeice! It might be short-lived, but it's there. We will see if the kiddos will leasve it alone & if big people will leave it alone. I was a little discouraged since Mom thinks its wrong I did it....I"m telling you, everything is always harder than it should be! ugh!

Well, anyway, I pulled out things that were still in boxes! I have a little statue of Jesus sitting on a rock with a glass dome over it, a free standing angel & a block of crystal with an etching of an angel in it & it stands on a stand that turns colors, thus lighting up the angel!

The youngest one is thrilled I did that & he cant seem to take his eye off of it!

Home sanctuary posted a site of ideas for making your centerpeice:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Date ideas

I decided to "tidy" up my this is going into a post & then will be in the archives! lol

Great Times
Indians baseball game
roller skating
take a class @ Lowe's
have a taffy pull
ride bikes
visit a museum
Go fishing
Eagle Creek
Volunteer to work @ a mission together
The Melting Pot
play tennis
paddle boats
ride in a hot air balloon
Climb Time
Corner Gourmet
Cinema Grill
King's Island

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tagged by Cajun Quilter

The challenge was to turns to page 123 in a book & post the 5th sentence & then the next 3. This is from the Bible study that I"m doing. Page 123 is a check list of sorts. Sentence # 5 was:

I invloved my family in the process of giving & stowing as much as we could.

The next 3 sentences are:

I created a tackle list of unfinished business

Check to confirm you are routinely incorporating the following positive changes into your daily routine:

I'm using my personal notebook

ok..I tag:


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Freebies & a give-a-way

WOO HOO! And I think I found these myself! lol

I found them on the

For a free sample of Dove Body lotion:

Post it pop up notes:

A great give-a-way..and if you can let her know I snet you, that would be great! Flipflopmom shared this with me: