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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The 3 yr old

He always makes me laugh! Today I was "discipling" the 3 & 4 yr old. They had been mean to each other. So I sat them down & the dialogue went like this:

Me: ( to 4 yr old) God gave you 3 gifts called brothers ( and I named his brothers) You are to take care of them, love them & be nice to them. Do you understand?"

4 yr old nods

Me (to 3 yr old) God gave you 3 gifts named ( and named his brothers & counting on my fingers his brothers)
3 yr old:( counting on his fingers) How about I have a batman, a rope...( by then I had to cover my mouth with my shirt & keep my eyes with no expression, so I dont even know what the 3rd thing was he said.

Me: God has given you many gifts. Right now we're talking about the gifts named ( and named his brothers) He noded & the day resumed! lol

Then last week he was seeing his mom & we were downtown & here was the dialogue:

3 yr old: It stinks

the mom: yes it does

3 yr old: smells like gas

the mom: Yes, it does!"

****a space of about 3 heartbeats before 3 yr old said in a very disgusted tone:

Not BUTT gas, car gas"

roflrofl..I have NO idea where that came from!!

So what kid stories can you share with us?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saying Hello

Boy, I've missed blogging! Thanks to everyone for being patient with me! I hope I can get back to it..and do it consistently!!

Been keeping busy with the little boys. Today we got to go outside for 20 minutes. They have been sick & were thrilled to go out!

I got to cook tonight! lol I havent hardly cooked in 3 yrs! And for the last yr, Mom has done most of the cooking! But James had requested my turkey & i got to make it! WOO HOO!

So, how is everyone?