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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The 3 yr old

He always makes me laugh! Today I was "discipling" the 3 & 4 yr old. They had been mean to each other. So I sat them down & the dialogue went like this:

Me: ( to 4 yr old) God gave you 3 gifts called brothers ( and I named his brothers) You are to take care of them, love them & be nice to them. Do you understand?"

4 yr old nods

Me (to 3 yr old) God gave you 3 gifts named ( and named his brothers & counting on my fingers his brothers)
3 yr old:( counting on his fingers) How about I have a batman, a rope...( by then I had to cover my mouth with my shirt & keep my eyes with no expression, so I dont even know what the 3rd thing was he said.

Me: God has given you many gifts. Right now we're talking about the gifts named ( and named his brothers) He noded & the day resumed! lol

Then last week he was seeing his mom & we were downtown & here was the dialogue:

3 yr old: It stinks

the mom: yes it does

3 yr old: smells like gas

the mom: Yes, it does!"

****a space of about 3 heartbeats before 3 yr old said in a very disgusted tone:

Not BUTT gas, car gas"

roflrofl..I have NO idea where that came from!!

So what kid stories can you share with us?

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