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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Present & accounted for!

It's been a zoo here. On top of having a cold, Mother has it, James has it, sil has it, neice has it!

Here's what's been going on:

Sunday evening we got a call from a good friend who had a lead for a job for James. We hadnt planned on him working but this seemed like something straight from God! So, he called on Monday, went in & got the application, took it back Tues & has the job! lol He will start a week from Monday when he gets back from church camp.

Monday James had an eye appt so we could get him new glasses since he lost his June 5th. His prescription has improved....but he has a few symptoms of glaucoma so we will have testing for that June 17th...the Dr feels there is a 95% chance that he does not have it.

Tues took James to get 2 fillings filled.

Jm had his interview Tues. He doesnt' think he did that great, but we all will keep praying.

Dale has had a busy week @ work full of meetings & training classes.

I've just been helping take care of people with colds & getting ready for a yard sale that starts tomorrow!

We have had a lot of rain this week! Which is good as we were in a drought!

I read the new Lori Wick book called White Chocolate Moments!! I loved it!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Recital & Reflections

This year I have been consciously trying to learn something new several times a week ( would like it to be every day!) 2 things I heard about this past week:

1) A friend of mine was putting on 1 lb a week due to her health issues. She went to a nutritionist who told her to eat pineapple. It absorbs the fat. She was told to eat 4 rings a day but she just couldn't stand that much pineapple. So, she ate 2 rings a day ( she got the kind where it's in its own juice) for 2 weeks & lost 6 lbs!! How cool is that? So, Dale is going to give it a try I think.

2) The parents who sat next to us @ graduation heard Dale say he was having leg cramps. The father works long hours @ a power plant & he had a Dr say to put a bar of soap under your fitted sheet & it takes away leg cramps. Now, no one seems able to explain why it works, but it was an interesting topic of conversation! So, we're going to try it I think! I"ll let you know how it works!

I love sayings! I saw one the other day that has become my siggy line: 40: the new 20 rofl.

Today James had his 1st ( and probably last! lol) recital. A year ago he asked for hip-hop lessons. So, he has taken them this year & he wanted to be in the recital. He thought he did terrible but the audience loved it! I got teary ( again! lol)

After the recital, Dale took us out to eat. We went to Bob Evans so there would be a variety of soft foods for James. Dale & I were then going to go out & do things but he got sick so we just came home. So, Mother & I went shopping! lol Got her some new shoes & got some clothes for the oldest nephew as he has almost nothing! Penney's was having a sale!

After I got home Dale got up from resting & we started watching Walk the Line but it wasn't working well on the TV downstairs so we might finish it up later on the upstairs TV. He hasn't ever seen it before. After that he got us dinner from KFC ( my fave!)

I've been very reflective today! lol 23 yrs ago today we got married. I was thinking of some of the things that happened that day: the audience hushing my dad, myself, & my bridesmaids while we waited for our turn to go into the church, Dale's mom accidentally blowing out the unity candle & Dale's dad standing up & saying " Stephanie, you blew out the candle ( I got told about that, I was still in the foyer! Lil), me deciding AFTER I got in my dress that I had to potty, so my 3 bridesmaids holding my dress so I could go!!!, my sudden panic when I turned the aisle to see Dale & he looked funny & I was ready to bolt! Dad must have suspected because he tightened his grip on me & down the aisle we went! Me RUNNING down the aisle afterward, dragging Dale ( we have pics of that!)..I was SO thrilled to be his wife! A huge hug from his dad, my back hurting from the weight of the dress, our cake melting, and on it goes! Just thought I'd share a few of those with you all.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Not too much

This has been a relatively quiet day! lol Was @ bro's 14 hours but not much happened!

I forgot to tell you how James got hurt! lol The mouth injury was sustained while playing frisbee golf. He said if the tree hadn't been there, he would have had that frisbee! lol But the tree was there & he discovered that trees are stronger than his mouth! He is doing better today in the sense that he is lol @ my jokes & he hasn't done that since he got hurt. But no he is saying " don't make me laugh, it hurts" lol

Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes!

I have found a new food fave! lol Rally's has fully loaded french fries! They are the greasiest, most wonderful things I have had in a long time! lol

Monkey # 4 had to call James to day ( he is 3) to see how he is. The 1st thing he said was " I love you" I later asked James how he I shed blood, sweat & tears & he doesn't tell me he loves me & all James had to do was run into a tree! lol That was one of the things that made James laugh tonight.

Looks like bro has another dog going into labor! lol Sil checked on her several times tonight. Maybe we will have more puppies by tomorrow! That will make this batch & the last batch 2 weeks apart.

Last night I had a few spare moments...doesn't happen often, so I started following links from other blogs. I only got to do one, but I love it! If you get a chance, check it out....

I'm looking for ideas for the little ones for the summer so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them. They do love the coloring pages I print for them. I'm going to order workbooks for them. Here is the url to check it out.

Hope you all have a blessed evening & a blessed Sat.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Catching Up

June 1 brought the joint Open house for the boys. We had about 100 people come. We served pizza, hot dogs, Subway sandwhiches, chips, pretzels, veggie trays, fruit trays & cakes & mints! Each boy got to choose a cake. James chose pina coloda! lol Jm chose raspberry. They were a huge hit! A friend of mine made the mints & since the boys are allergic to " mint" she made them in strawberry & raspberry flavors! Several of my friends helped so I was able to visit with people. It was such a huge blessing!

June 2 was James graduation! I was teary thru lots of it! lol A friend had written me a sweet note that I read 1st thing in the morning so that started the tears. Then one of the scholarships awarded that day was in honor of a friend that passed away several years ago. I didn't know there was a scholarship set up so I was emotional about that.

After graduation we went out to eat @ the restaurant of James choice..Chinese!! lol The guy who was best man @ our wedding was able to come to the ceremony & he was able to stay with us until sun evening. So, that was a great time!

JM's girlfriend was such a blessing during the whole weekend. She arrived on Thurs evening & stayed with us until Sat night. She helped load the cars with things, fixed my hair ( as Jm says, I'm not used to having a girl for these things! lol) helped with any work I needed...she set the table up, helped with decorations, did dishes (PTL!), etc, etc!

June 3rd Dale & I visited with our friend, JM worked & James went to church & hung out with friends.

June 4 I did little ones all day & James recuped! lol Jm had class & did some studying.

June 5 was James orientation @ college. Parents were able to go to. It was a nice day, but long! lol But he got his classes scheduled. He's very excited about school starting. He is taking: math, a required learning center class, English, psychology, computers & yoga (lol).

After orientation, James came home & got ready to go to a friend's graduation open house @ a park. At 8 he called to say he was on his way home..I said OK..he explained that he had gotten hurt & wanted me to not freak when I saw his face! I asked if he could see to drive to which he replied: " Oh yes, my eyes aren't the problem, it's my mouth" We were all waiting outside for him when he arrived home. Dale & I had already gathered things together in anticipation for a hospital run. He showed me his mouth..2 big wholes!l then he explained how that wasn't his only injury @ the was his 3rd! that's when he decided to come on home! lol So, off to ER we went..they x-rayed his ankle & decided it was only sprained. He got 5 stitches in his mouth. We were home by midnight! lol

The last few days I have been with my little grand-nephews. with it being summer & they get bored easily, I started a game of sorts yesterday that so far they love! lol It's a point system. So they are busily earning their 100 points for a food treat! lol 1000 points gets a toy treat..the youngest only has to do 1/2 the points of his brothers..the oldest especially is all about this! The yard & house is more toy free than its been in months! lol The 2ND one has used manners more in 2 days than in 2 weeks! lol

Well, I know there's more but that catches me up somewhat! I tried something new this time since when I type a lot blog spot seems to lose it...I typed this in an e mail & then copied/pasted it! lol Hope this works!