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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another give-a-way!!!

A Cowboy’s Wife is having a contest on her food blog! You can win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and she’ll ship anywhere so everyone is eligible!

I love finding these! This one came from Flip Flop Mom! Thank you so much!

A blessing today

YIPPEE!! I"m so excited! I won a contest! WOO HOO!

It was from Heather @ freebies for moms. The contest was to share with her a sweet valentine message that youve either sent or received! Well I couldnt remeber exactly everyting I said, but I told her about the time I made a poster board for Dale & did it in a rhebus style..I said " you are worth more to me than $100,000 but instead of the word I put a $100,000 candy bar! And I had like 10 things like that on the poster. Anyway, Heather liked it!! WOO HOO!

So, here is what I won!

My Fruit Roll-Ups Giveaway
Posted: 26 Jan 2008 07:56 AM CST
The "Frududes" are making My Fruit Roll-Ups for my son to pass out as Valentines. This is a unique way to create Valentines for your child, minus any paper! I was amazed by the choices available to me: images, ink color, pattern, message. I selected a 3-piece random pattern with a "Be Mine" heart, a dinosaur, and my Valentine's message from my son. I am excited to receive my box of 30 custom My Fruit Roll-Ups, and can't wait to surprise my husband with one in his lunch to take to work.If you want to order your own box of My Fruit Roll-Ups, first enter my giveaway below. I'll be announcing the three winners on Sunday morning. If you don't win my giveaway, then you can order directly from their website, but be sure to place your order before February 2 to receive them in time for Valentine's Day. Also, don't forget to enter the promotional code BE MINE to get $10 off your order. That makes them $19.99 for a box of 30, which is 67 cents per roll-up (not including shipping which varies). Not bad for the sweetest Valentine around!Even more exciting is that I am giving away a FREE box of My Fruit Roll-Ups to 3 of my lucky readers! You can enter my giveaway anytime before midnight (CST) on Saturday, January 26. To enter please Email me with the sweetest Valentine's message you've sent or received. I'll be selecting my 3 favorite messages to award my 3 lucky readers. Remember that I am looking for a unique message! Keep the message short, but feel free to write a brief "story" behind the message to explain why it is so sweet to you!

So, I have designed mine already. I put 2 hearts on it & the message is " I love & adore you" since that is what I tell them all the time.

Check out her blog when you can. She said she hopes to be doing more give-a-ways.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another contest

I'm having too much fun in the world of blogging!! lol

Here's another one! Thaks to Jaydee for telling me about it!

A contest & a site to check out

Reflections has introduced me to a site I just love!!! The site is

The contest is under her Wed Jan 23 blog post. It is titled Giveaway: $100 Vision Forum Passport. The contest is open until noon Mon. Jan 28th.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wish lists

I love being tagged! lol And tagging others!

Ok..Melissa ( Reflections) tagged me..the tag is to:

1. Write two wish lists of five items each--one material wish list, and one spiritual.

2. Tag 5 people to complete this as well, and comment in their blogs to let them know

Material Wish list:

1 Be out of debt

2. have my own laptop

3. go on a cruise

4. Get a 7 passenger vehicle

5. And have a pre-paid charge card with lots & lots of availability on it! lol

Spiritual wish list:

1. Have my devotions every day

2. Do the Becoming the Woman God Wants me to Be

3. To be the Prov 31 woman

4. To be the Titus 2 woman

5. have more joy

ok..I tag:






Saturday, January 5, 2008

2008 goals

I got the idea from Reflections to post my progress on 2008 goals! ( check out her blog..she has awesome ideas!) I have 2008 goals & monthly will post both & in random order! lol

Porgress this week:

have a birthday party for all 4 kiddos next this week I worked on goodie bags, finding gifts for 2 of the,,still in progress..and booked the party! WOO HOO!

been successful @ having devotions every day so far! What a blessing!

been blogging more!

been renewing my mind..and a lot of you have had a lot to do with that!! Thank you so much!

had 3 out of 4 days where I felt I led in the peacefulness of our home.

2 out of 4 days were increased in veggies.

3 out of 4 days did the 5 min room pickups.

Well, that's all for now. Hope to work on more goals today. How are you doing on progress?

Friday, January 4, 2008

What a difference....

What a difference 20 years makes! lol 20 years agon when we were raising our boys we went on certain field trips, called to schedule field trips, and paid certain prices! Now, while working with these little kiddos things have changed! Many field trip we did before we can't do now! Most of them due to 9/11. We can't tour our water system place, cant tour the Frito Lay factory ( one of our fave trips!), etc. Yesterday I went in to schedule a birthday party @ Chuck E Cheese' cant book that way..can only book online! And years ago we took our boys to play Laser Tag. There was a package on Sat's from 9-12 for $10 a boy ( which @ the time seemed a lot for us!) Now it's 20 min of play for $7 a boy!! We are not playing laser tag @ those prices! So, it's quite interesting finding things to do with these kiddos.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a good New Year's..ours was a little hecitc, but ok. Dale & I both werent feeling well..Jm & A spent the day with us..and James brought a girl home for us to meet who he likes..but she has a boyfriend right now! lol

What are your hopes & dreams for the New Year? I'm still making goals for the year, but also goals for each month. Dale is excited about those! lol I asked each boy what they wanted this New Year..they are thinking on it! lol

One thing I started working on yesterday was James Eagle Scout ceremony...want to get that done ASAP.