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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week 4/20--Frugal

We tried Redbox for the 1st time tonight! It was fun! lol Got Dale a movie for free since I had a code.

For sweeps this week I entered is for entering for a scholarship. You can enter monthly I think it said. I also entered ones I"ve previously menitoned. I did quite a few entries in the Bloggy Canrival! I loved it! They have another one in July. I hope to offer a prize the next time.

I ordered some free samples from I ordered them on Monday & had them by Fri! They are awesome! I am going to let the little ones paint the garage with them. ( We're redoing the garage hopefully this summer.

I did surveys for Harris Poll & for Global test market. Oh & for a cerela company..but I can't remember what company I did it for! lol

Dale is really getting into this savings thing! lol He plays a game online for which we pay for ( which is totally fine with me) In the game you get play money to buy items for your game. Well, if you make enough, you can turn the play $$ into real money to pay for your game! This week, he paid for 3 months of his game with his play money! He was so excited!!! has if you sign up you will receive a gift card on your birthday.

In the mail this week:

Vaseline lotion travel size from Walmart
stickers from EPA
Fiber One Cereal from Walmart ( it was yummy!)
paper tape measure from Hanes
a package of things from

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Spring has definitely sprung here today..and it seems like it was overnight! Yesterday the cherry tree had some blossoms on it is fully blooming! The apple tree is partly blooming! Can't wait to see it tomorrow!

The kiddos seem to be blossoming too! lol The youngest has grown like 3 inches this school year! I really felt like they weren't learning this year & I was SO discouraged..and today!!! WOW!! All the things they were talking about that we have studied this year! WOO HOO! PTL!

Our oldest ( 22 ) is growing too! lol 3 months ago our 18 yr old has passed him in the olest is taller by a smidge! Also the oldest asked me this week what flaws he has that he could work on. At that time I couldnt think of any flaws he has! lol

The 18 yr old is in the midst of college finals..ending his 1st year! WOW! He will be SO glad when finals are over. He was going to take a summer class before our oldest son's wedding was scheduled..but since he is best man he is taking the summer to help his brother!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Frugal week of 4/13

There were lots of opportunities this week! I didn't get to take part in as many as I would have liked! But, every little bit helps, right?

The sweepstakes I participtated in were:

I got signed in with & I did a little with it but not much.
Heard about Rebox from Reflections..I went to the Redbox website & got my 1st code for getting a free movie, but haven't gotten the movie yet.

I did surveys for:
Costume Super Center--I had ordered from them..they offered me a surbey for a chance to win.
Meijer's--I shopped there this week & if you do their survey you are entered in their contest.


Got a $20 card from Symantec for the laptop we got for my dad...I think that's how I got on their survey list!

The free samples I received this week were:

True Lemon...Dale really like these!
Serenity Pad from Walmart
Simply Harvest--it's a hot cereal
Hamburger Helper microwave singles
Gold Bond Lotion from Walmart

Every week I go to Walmart & Costco sites to sign up for their free samples.

I joined the birthday club at get free ice cream during my birthday month.

I saved $30 in coupons @ the store this week....2 things were BOGO free of Oust sanitzer spray. The other thing that was cool was I had a coupon for a free coffee creamer..up to $5 in value..I was able to get the largest one! YAY!

My family all seems to be getting into saving $$! lol This week Dale went to the pharmacy to see how we could save money. Our insurance changed this yr so we are paying a lot more in co-pays. Our insurance has this thing now if you are on the same prescription for 3 months, then you have to order by mail or pay the whole Dale got us signed up for that...but my thyroid medicine will be cheaper just by joining's $35 to join & then I will get my name brand thyroid medicine(s) a 90 day supply for $13 a prescription ( I have 2 scripts currently) meds change frequently so this works better for us in temrs of easy access to the changing script & the cost is cheaper too! WOO HOO!

Any tips you can share?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday's Frugal update

I'm not sure this week had as good results as week's passed. Dale thinks that I found all the "easy" stuff & am having to dig deeper now to find things..which takes more time!

I sent several scholarship opportunities on to James..he has apllied for 2 of them..we will see what happens.

I saw that K-Mart fills pet prescriptions, so I called them..but they don't carry either of the ones Spike is on. sigh.

I signed up for some things. I signed up for UPromise..I dont understand it & I didnt give them a charge card to link it to so I guess I won't make as much but I"m just not comfy doing that right now. But got some points for joining. I also signed up for some surveys at Have earned 800 points with them already. I signed up at only for them to tell me I already have an account & it's frozen. So, I sent them an e to find out what's going on there. I also joined I"ve taken a few of their surveys already. That was fun.

Things I received this week: a coupon for a free Scotch Brite disposable toilet scrubber w bleach kit, a coupon for a free coffeemate, a sample of Maybelline mineral powder & a free sample of Dove cream oil body lotion. It came in like a nice travel size! I was very impressed!

The sweeps/contests I"ve entered this week are:

Don't forget to check out for their weekly samples they will send you in the mail.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday's Frugal re-cap

I have been spending between 15-30 minute a day looking online for coupons, giveaways, etc. I started out doing 15 minutes a day. I've increased to 30 due to looking for scholarships.

This week in the mail I received from my 15-30 minutes of efforts:

An herbal life package...had a protein bar, protein shake mix, a drink mix, 3 days of vitamins...and I forget what else! It was very exciting!

Received 2 samples of Tide...that's 1 load per sample.

a box of pop up post it notes

I won a drawing from Sips 'n Cups Cafeteria ( an online site) a book "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.

Those are the things I actually received this week. I got notified that I had won a platinum DVD of 101 Dalmations from A to Z kids...but that hasn't arrived yet.

I have signed up to do some surveys. Will keep youposted!

My future daughter-in-law signed up for a group recipe site. I singed up too. If any of you are interested check it

I"m so glad to be back to blogging! Have missed you all!