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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Frugal week of 4/13

There were lots of opportunities this week! I didn't get to take part in as many as I would have liked! But, every little bit helps, right?

The sweepstakes I participtated in were:

I got signed in with & I did a little with it but not much.
Heard about Rebox from Reflections..I went to the Redbox website & got my 1st code for getting a free movie, but haven't gotten the movie yet.

I did surveys for:
Costume Super Center--I had ordered from them..they offered me a surbey for a chance to win.
Meijer's--I shopped there this week & if you do their survey you are entered in their contest.


Got a $20 card from Symantec for the laptop we got for my dad...I think that's how I got on their survey list!

The free samples I received this week were:

True Lemon...Dale really like these!
Serenity Pad from Walmart
Simply Harvest--it's a hot cereal
Hamburger Helper microwave singles
Gold Bond Lotion from Walmart

Every week I go to Walmart & Costco sites to sign up for their free samples.

I joined the birthday club at get free ice cream during my birthday month.

I saved $30 in coupons @ the store this week....2 things were BOGO free of Oust sanitzer spray. The other thing that was cool was I had a coupon for a free coffee creamer..up to $5 in value..I was able to get the largest one! YAY!

My family all seems to be getting into saving $$! lol This week Dale went to the pharmacy to see how we could save money. Our insurance changed this yr so we are paying a lot more in co-pays. Our insurance has this thing now if you are on the same prescription for 3 months, then you have to order by mail or pay the whole Dale got us signed up for that...but my thyroid medicine will be cheaper just by joining's $35 to join & then I will get my name brand thyroid medicine(s) a 90 day supply for $13 a prescription ( I have 2 scripts currently) meds change frequently so this works better for us in temrs of easy access to the changing script & the cost is cheaper too! WOO HOO!

Any tips you can share?

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