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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Spring has definitely sprung here today..and it seems like it was overnight! Yesterday the cherry tree had some blossoms on it is fully blooming! The apple tree is partly blooming! Can't wait to see it tomorrow!

The kiddos seem to be blossoming too! lol The youngest has grown like 3 inches this school year! I really felt like they weren't learning this year & I was SO discouraged..and today!!! WOW!! All the things they were talking about that we have studied this year! WOO HOO! PTL!

Our oldest ( 22 ) is growing too! lol 3 months ago our 18 yr old has passed him in the olest is taller by a smidge! Also the oldest asked me this week what flaws he has that he could work on. At that time I couldnt think of any flaws he has! lol

The 18 yr old is in the midst of college finals..ending his 1st year! WOW! He will be SO glad when finals are over. He was going to take a summer class before our oldest son's wedding was scheduled..but since he is best man he is taking the summer to help his brother!

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Marci said...

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