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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday's Frugal update

I'm not sure this week had as good results as week's passed. Dale thinks that I found all the "easy" stuff & am having to dig deeper now to find things..which takes more time!

I sent several scholarship opportunities on to James..he has apllied for 2 of them..we will see what happens.

I saw that K-Mart fills pet prescriptions, so I called them..but they don't carry either of the ones Spike is on. sigh.

I signed up for some things. I signed up for UPromise..I dont understand it & I didnt give them a charge card to link it to so I guess I won't make as much but I"m just not comfy doing that right now. But got some points for joining. I also signed up for some surveys at Have earned 800 points with them already. I signed up at only for them to tell me I already have an account & it's frozen. So, I sent them an e to find out what's going on there. I also joined I"ve taken a few of their surveys already. That was fun.

Things I received this week: a coupon for a free Scotch Brite disposable toilet scrubber w bleach kit, a coupon for a free coffeemate, a sample of Maybelline mineral powder & a free sample of Dove cream oil body lotion. It came in like a nice travel size! I was very impressed!

The sweeps/contests I"ve entered this week are:

Don't forget to check out for their weekly samples they will send you in the mail.


FlipFlop Mom said...

You're doing good GIRL!!!! keep sharing!!!

cajunquilter said...

i think you did great this week.

jayedee said...

i think you're doing great! some weeks are good....some weeks not so good, but the averages still put you ahead of the game, yanno?