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Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is having a blessed day! I have eaten & slept! lol The guys have gone to see Pirates of the Carribean. I'm leaving in an hour to do some errands & then to go to bro's from 3-9.

At 5:30 this morning 6 little puppies were born @ bro's! YIPPEE!

I stumbled on some websites today. Have not checked them out really well, but thought I would pass them on to you all anyway. This site has a contest every month. This site is where I found the above one! lol Hope to check it out more later.

Dad arrived in the Philippines. There was a storm over Omaha on his way to LA & the plane dropped for like 2 seconds. The attendants were serving drinks & I guess drinks went flying & the passengers were scared to death! Dad also said the plane shook so hard that he thought it might fall apart.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I just spent 30 minutes writing a huge post for you all & it didn't post!! Oh well, I"ll try again tonight if I can! I"m so bummed! It was a good post! lol

Friday, May 11, 2007


My mother-in-law called several days ago & said she was doing well. We will call her tomorrow to wish her a Happy Mother's Day & to check on her.

The youngest one is almost over the chicken pox. Still a few patches of pox giving him trouble. The one big patch behind his ear is almost gone, the one in his nose is clearing up ( with his help!lol) but the big patch on his bottom is really hurting him. They've turned into almost a burn! Poor thing! He is so miserable. He was almost completely potty trained before he got sick!

It looks like my bro now has the chicken pox! Poor guy! He had it as a kid too so he is totally bummed that he has it now!

Everything with Dad moving, etc is in limbo for now. Will let you know when things are out of limbo!

Went for my eye testing today & it seemed like a waste to me. The big test our eye Dr wanted done couldn't be done @ the office we went. sigh. We've scheduled it for in 2 weeks but not sure we will keep the appointment. Not much they can do for me if I have the problem...I would pretty much be research for them. We are going to talk to some of my Dr's & see what they think.

Bro is raising Huskies. When he gets his website up & running, I"ll share it all with you. Both my boys were over there today helping build things for the dogs. Dale calls it the Husky condominium! ROFLROFL.

I think of so many things I want to share with you all, but so far not enough time or energy! lol But I will keep plugging along!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Changes, Changes, and more Changes!

What a day of change this has been! I had no idea when I got up @ 6 am what changes awaited me!

Dad told me today that he is going to move out of the house next door & go to the Philippines. It looks like he will be leaving in 2 weeks. He wants me to sell his furniture for him. ( Change #1)

We offered JM the house..he said yes! We spent some time working out details which went very smoothly as we all seemed to be on the same page. It was very touching. Dale even got up to hug him! I think "empty nest" is going to be hard on Dale! (Change # 2)

So, we asked James if he wanted Jm's room..of course he said yes! lol (Change #3)

Do you all see a lot of moving of things in my near future? lol I did ask Jm if he could get some of his friends to help us with all the moving of stuff & he said yes! YAY! It's going to be quite a project! And you add this to we have 2 graduations in the next month!

I did pretty well with the Bible study book yesterday. Today I ate 2 eggs, walked 20 min & took my vitamin..that was it..didn't even get to the reading.

During the day I always think of things I want to blog, then @ night I"m too tired to remember what they were! lol

Today before babysitting we picked up James cap & gown for graduation! Hard to believe it's less than a month away! We got more paperwork mailed for him in the 1st. Last night we went & picked up the invitations! HAVE to work on those this weekend!

Oh, update on Mother-in-law...she does have Stage 3 lymphoma...she doesnt have the kid that's rare in adults, so that's a blessing! She will still have treatments every 3 weeks, but it will be @ a hospital close by & it will only be for 1 day! That is a huge blessing to them!

My Mom gets the Better Homes & Garden magazine. There was 2 sweepstakes advertised so I signed up for them, only to discover more to sign up for! I had too much fun signing up for as many as I could in 10 min! lol I hope to sign up for more soon! To check these out go to You have to register but it's free. Then go to offers, then to sweepstakes & you will find lots to register for!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May!

I love a new month!!! lol

I have been so tired, so today I stayed home! I had planned to go try out for Deal or No Deal as they were in town today, but the news said last night people were going to camp out there all night & that each person got 20 seconds with the producers. There is no way I was going to impress a producer in 20 seconds, so I just stayed home! lol Dale took the day off too. We just snuggled & lounged around most of the day. We did go to Kmart. I went looking for a couple of short outfits but didnt find any I liked. Did get some socks for JM & some cheese & yogurt for the little guys.

My father-in-law called this morning & things have changed. The nurse came in this morning & told them that the Dr. was changing how he was going to do things with her, so after tomorrow's treatment she can head for home.

Today is Day 9 in the Bible study book. I did the daily reading, am working on the memory verse, I walked 20 minutes with Spike, and took my vitamin C & ate the 2 eggs.. Today might have been the most veggies I had. I had 3 different servings of tomatoes, had a tossed salad tonight with lots of veggies in it. Also had mashed potatoes, peas, broccoli, & cauliflower. I am SO full! My head wants ice cream though! lol

My sister-in-law bought me new shoes about 6 weeks ago. I wasn't sure they fit, but today with my toe swollen, they fit! lol SO, yay!

I didnt get any water down, but got a record of 44 oz of semi sweet tea down! Hubby was happy with that since I have a tendency not to drink enough.

Jm & his girlfriend are spending the evening @ her grandmother's. Lots of times this semester they spend Tues. evenings here...but I"m sure the schedule will be changing as this is the last week of this semester.

Well, time to go write bills! lol