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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May!

I love a new month!!! lol

I have been so tired, so today I stayed home! I had planned to go try out for Deal or No Deal as they were in town today, but the news said last night people were going to camp out there all night & that each person got 20 seconds with the producers. There is no way I was going to impress a producer in 20 seconds, so I just stayed home! lol Dale took the day off too. We just snuggled & lounged around most of the day. We did go to Kmart. I went looking for a couple of short outfits but didnt find any I liked. Did get some socks for JM & some cheese & yogurt for the little guys.

My father-in-law called this morning & things have changed. The nurse came in this morning & told them that the Dr. was changing how he was going to do things with her, so after tomorrow's treatment she can head for home.

Today is Day 9 in the Bible study book. I did the daily reading, am working on the memory verse, I walked 20 minutes with Spike, and took my vitamin C & ate the 2 eggs.. Today might have been the most veggies I had. I had 3 different servings of tomatoes, had a tossed salad tonight with lots of veggies in it. Also had mashed potatoes, peas, broccoli, & cauliflower. I am SO full! My head wants ice cream though! lol

My sister-in-law bought me new shoes about 6 weeks ago. I wasn't sure they fit, but today with my toe swollen, they fit! lol SO, yay!

I didnt get any water down, but got a record of 44 oz of semi sweet tea down! Hubby was happy with that since I have a tendency not to drink enough.

Jm & his girlfriend are spending the evening @ her grandmother's. Lots of times this semester they spend Tues. evenings here...but I"m sure the schedule will be changing as this is the last week of this semester.

Well, time to go write bills! lol


kcarr said...

I love a new month too, usually. These next two months are busy ones for us with lots of birthday and other holidays coming up. Two of the bdays coming up are my kids - which of course means parties to throw.

So how will they be administering your mil's chemo treatments now? My dad went in one weekend a month and had a heavy dose of chemo. He didn't stay over night though (which I believe was his choice). He went Friday, Saturday and Sunday for treatments.

I remember when dad started losing his hair - it was so sad. He always bragged about how long his hair was (he had beautiful, long hair) and the fact that his brothers had receding hairlines. The nurse at the hospital told dad he may or may not lose his hair, so he was hopeful. Then one day it started falling out. He went straight to my sister's house and made her shave it all off. He refused to lose it to the cancer/chemo.

How is school going for JM? He doesn't graduate this year, does he?

cajunquilter said...

When my pastor was going through chemo and started losing the little hair he had left, he had his wife shave his head. It is starting to come in again and is almost where it was when it started falling out. So encourage her that it does come back once they stop the chemo.