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Friday, May 11, 2007


My mother-in-law called several days ago & said she was doing well. We will call her tomorrow to wish her a Happy Mother's Day & to check on her.

The youngest one is almost over the chicken pox. Still a few patches of pox giving him trouble. The one big patch behind his ear is almost gone, the one in his nose is clearing up ( with his help!lol) but the big patch on his bottom is really hurting him. They've turned into almost a burn! Poor thing! He is so miserable. He was almost completely potty trained before he got sick!

It looks like my bro now has the chicken pox! Poor guy! He had it as a kid too so he is totally bummed that he has it now!

Everything with Dad moving, etc is in limbo for now. Will let you know when things are out of limbo!

Went for my eye testing today & it seemed like a waste to me. The big test our eye Dr wanted done couldn't be done @ the office we went. sigh. We've scheduled it for in 2 weeks but not sure we will keep the appointment. Not much they can do for me if I have the problem...I would pretty much be research for them. We are going to talk to some of my Dr's & see what they think.

Bro is raising Huskies. When he gets his website up & running, I"ll share it all with you. Both my boys were over there today helping build things for the dogs. Dale calls it the Husky condominium! ROFLROFL.

I think of so many things I want to share with you all, but so far not enough time or energy! lol But I will keep plugging along!


cajunquilter said...

Praising God your mil is doing well. So sorry about the little guy and bro. Will keep both in prayer. Is dad having second thoughts?

Shannon said...

oh man Daphne, reading this here makes me cringe for him all over again..

I hope the BIL is okay with being an adult with chicken pox, I've heard they can get deadly :-( Praying everyone gets well soon.. They are so blessed to have you at the same time, take care of you!

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh you're to sweet.. Husky Condo's.. now that's FUNNY!!! Keep us updated with Mother In LOVE!!
Poor little one.. and poor BIG one... I hope they get to feeling better soon!!!!!!

Miss ya!!