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Friday, January 18, 2008

Wish lists

I love being tagged! lol And tagging others!

Ok..Melissa ( Reflections) tagged me..the tag is to:

1. Write two wish lists of five items each--one material wish list, and one spiritual.

2. Tag 5 people to complete this as well, and comment in their blogs to let them know

Material Wish list:

1 Be out of debt

2. have my own laptop

3. go on a cruise

4. Get a 7 passenger vehicle

5. And have a pre-paid charge card with lots & lots of availability on it! lol

Spiritual wish list:

1. Have my devotions every day

2. Do the Becoming the Woman God Wants me to Be

3. To be the Prov 31 woman

4. To be the Titus 2 woman

5. have more joy

ok..I tag:






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cajunquilter said...

ok i did the tag!

love ya