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Friday, January 4, 2008

What a difference....

What a difference 20 years makes! lol 20 years agon when we were raising our boys we went on certain field trips, called to schedule field trips, and paid certain prices! Now, while working with these little kiddos things have changed! Many field trip we did before we can't do now! Most of them due to 9/11. We can't tour our water system place, cant tour the Frito Lay factory ( one of our fave trips!), etc. Yesterday I went in to schedule a birthday party @ Chuck E Cheese' cant book that way..can only book online! And years ago we took our boys to play Laser Tag. There was a package on Sat's from 9-12 for $10 a boy ( which @ the time seemed a lot for us!) Now it's 20 min of play for $7 a boy!! We are not playing laser tag @ those prices! So, it's quite interesting finding things to do with these kiddos.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

It's amazing how things have changed due to greed and entitlement... It angers me infact!! You're creative.. so I *KNOW* that you will find some fun things to do!!