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Monday, December 3, 2007


Who have you read in 2007? What did you love? What did you not care for? Who do you hope to read in 2008? Here is a link to an author I plan to check out in 2008: She is posted under the post 3rd day of Christmas.

My new authors this year were Neta Jackson & Karen Kinsbury. And I was thrilled that Lori Wick put out 3 new boos!..I have 2 of them read & the 3rd one sits in my pile to read.


FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh Daphne.. I 'm with you on ALL of these authors.. I also enjoyed a couple of Debbie Macombers books as well... now I'm reading short stories.. Christmas ones!!

Lovinglebon said...

well of course i read the last of the harry potter series by rawlings. I also have read several danielle steele, harlem corbin, sandra brown...just to mention a few. i'm a pretty big mysteries the most.

Melissa said...

Are you talking about wanting to try books by Jill Elizabeth Nelson? Or one of the other authors she mentioned?
You know I love books...Jill's are really good and suspenseful.