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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 11 week in review

Well, I wasnt as good @ posting every day like I had hoped!

Besides the party & the Meijer trip the other thing that happened was we save $50 on auto repairs. I really dont know why, they just knocked $50 off. They told me why, but it didnt make sense. I just said "ok, thanks!" lol They did awesome work & they treated us like royalty!

The other "savings" came in the mail this week in forms of freebies.--got a freebie of Stacy's pita chips-1 0z bag. We havent tried it yet though.

My family ( including adult children who dont live here anymore! lol) are already enjoying things from yesterday's Meijer's trip.

Got a coupon in the mail from

The things I did this week that could bring benefits in the future are:

posted my 1st post to clothes for $10. I have no idea what i"m doing so I"m starting out small there.

took a cvs survey to get a coupon for $5 off a $30 purchase.

ordered more samples/freebies

Did Publishers Clearing House


signed up for Psst at

signed up for

did Inbox Dollars

signed up for


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FlipFlop Mom said...

Good Job!! We don't have a Meijers here... :( But it sounds wonderful!