Money Saved In 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday update

I saved $6.08 in coupons @ Walmart yesterday. We filled a grocery cart there for $139. Dale was pleased, so yay! I'm thinking there could have been ways to do better, but I guess it's all baby steps!

I read a book ( from the library) called Jenna's Cowboy Hero by Brenda Minton. I didnt know til after I read it that this was a series & I missed book 1. So, if you are going to try this start with A Cowboy's Heart by Brenda Minton. This book probably wasnt the best written book I"ve ever read, but I loved the characters & the story! I will prob read the 1st book.

Today is the Colt's AFC Championship game! YIPPEE! GO COlLTS!

Our oldest & his wife will be hainvg dinner with us after the game tonight.

I spent 15 minutes clipping coupons yesterday. What 15 min did you do to bless your household financially?

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FlipFlop Mom said...

On Saturday... We went to a local Grocery store here.. and with coupons and the "club" card.. we saved $65.00.. and got .10cents off every gallon of gas at our next fill up... I saved more than I spent at the store...
I got two pot roasts and with each potroast I got a free bag of potatoes and onions and carrots... and have several coupons for items that ended up being FREE!! So I think I did well... but then turned around and bought two beads for my Pandora bracelet... Ü