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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Americans Pay More for Less

I didnt really have anything to say today, so we're having a guest blogger! My beloved hubby! He was sharing these thoughts with me today & I thought they were take it away, honey! lol

Somehow Americans have been convinced to pay the same or more for items that have less in them. For example, we pay $1.50 for a can of soda that has no more calories than water. This is epidemic in most all foods from "lite" cheeses, sour cream, to non-fat yogurt, to soups advertised as only having 85 calories. We must be trying to starve ourselves to death. Its the only thing I can think of.

This affects more than our food. We play sports, such as golf & bowling, whose goal is to have the least amount particiaption possible. The greatest golf game in the world would only have 18 strokes, instead of the normal 80 or 90. we pay more money for little, sports cars that weigh almost nothing. And people buy clothes with so little fabric that they dont even cover up the skin.

Ok, maybe I"m just old-fashioned. I like my food full of calories, my golf games long & clothes that actually hide me. I'll be easy to spot. I'll be the fat, golfer who everyone is waiting on.

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cajunquilter said...

oh my! Dale and Daphne I loved this! Dale you are a hoot.