Money Saved In 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mail Call

With the weather the way its been the last few days, noone has gotten the mail! Our mailbox was positively stuffed when I went out this morning! YIPPEE!

Here's what arrived:

Those 4 towels that I got for a total of $4.04 saving over $26! YIPPEE! And they are fabulous looking!

A stayfree sample I ordered

A Hellman's sample that I dont remember ordering & it came with coupons & info on a contest!

Some picture magnets that I ordered for my beloved sister-in-love..a got 3 mini ones for me!

A Burger King Coupon booklet

8 coupons from Farmland foods that they said I requested.

I only did a few things towards finances. I entered the All you contest, did my Inbox dollar e mail & did 1 survey for zoom points, getting 50 points for it! YIPPEE!

Did a little cleaning & spent time with different family members today.

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