Money Saved In 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, I already knew that when life gets stressful I spend money! ugh! Or rather, I"m not frugal when spending during times of stress. I was doing "ok" til Tuesday afternoon when Mom was in a car accident. I dont believ I have "saved" a dime since then. But, that's ok. Just proves that it's important to keep plugging away so when crisis happen there is a cushion.

Today I did a little towards finances for the future. I entered the Publisher Clearing house sweepstakes, the Subway sweepstakes & the All You sweepstakes. I printed a few coupons for free products & I took 2 surveys. I found a place to get 50 pictures printed for free...just spend 99 cents in shipping. So hope to do that tonight or tomorrow.

So, the 1st full week of the New Year has been quite a week so far! I am still trying to get over bronchitis, Mother's accident, a "winter storm", and a few other things has made this anything but a boring week! lol I should be getting used to it. The 1st week in "07 Dale had a car accident totaling his truck...Mother's car is repairable.

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cajunquilter said...

Praying your mom is ok. So sorry the first week was so stressful. Maybe the rest of the year will leave you alone now lol.