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Monday, April 16, 2007

What is my name?

lol Today I truly wasn't sure what my name is! lol Everyday I am "mom", "honey" Daughter" Sister" & Aunt"..but then depending on what day it is & where the imaginations of my nephews take us I could be " Hawk-girl" "Supergirl" or "Batgirl" lol I call my sister-in-law (I call her sister-in-love since the love between her & bro is what gave her to us!) "Grace Kelly" cause she is so elegant & about perfect. I am SO not so I told her I was either Phyllis Diller or Lucille Ball! lol Well, I guess the name of Lucille won out for today as around noon after the 2 youngest went down for a nap, I was kinda of hurrying down the stairs to help boy # 2 with homework & I promptly fell down the stairs! Brother came hurrying to me & asked what happened! I looked up & while crying said " I FELL" ( rofl) He lol & wanted to know what caused me to fall! I have no idea! I guess we decided there is no more traction left on my slippers! lol Tonight I complained to sil about how much I hurt & I listed everything that hurt. She asked bro why I would hurt in all of those places & bro said " cause she bounced all the way down the stairs" ROFLROFL He said once he knew I was ok, it was really funny! lol

So, that's today's blog! lol


cajunquilter said...

oh no! sorry you were hurt! glad you can laugh about it now.

P.S. You are tagged! tell us 10 things about yourself.

Happywife84 said...


WOO HOO! I love being tagged! Thanks!