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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just wanted to blog!

lol. Not sure I have much to say but just wanted to post!

I just got an e mail from the Christianwomenonline that I won the book for April's drawing!! WOO HOO! 1st time I ever went to that site & I won! Yippee!! I was trying to remember who got me to that site & I think it was Flipflopmom! So, thank you so much!!!

Today was a gorgeous day here!!! Hopefully soon it will be gorgeous often & I can get some flowers out!

Today was sil's parent's 50th wedding anniversary, so I babysat for the little ones so she could go to church & to their reception.

I'm hoping in 3 weeks noone else will break out with the chickenpox & we will be all done! lol The youngest one regressed on his potty training yesterday..his 1st accident the whole time he was sick! But he was back on track today! PTL! Now, the 4 yr old is a different story! sigh!

I've enjoyed the study I"m doing. I am behind in reading but I still ate some veggies today!

Yay for having 2 more buddies start blogging here!!! YAY!!!


Melinda said...

You have me on your list twice. LOL

kcarr said...

woo hoo, I'm on your list now too. :o)