Money Saved In 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A book reveiw

Robyn Okrant wrote a book called Living Oprah. She dedicated 1 year of her life to do all things Oprah said to do. So watched every episode aired even if it was a re run. I found the book fascinating.For the year she spent $4,781.84 & in time she spent 1202 hours & 1 min! And that's not the time to write the book.

I learned a lot from the book & it had me rolling with laughter! I'm not a huge Oprah fan but I totally enjoyed the book. My family who is not Oprah fans loved when I would read excerpts to them from the book. Matter-of-fact, the next post on this blog will be from hubby ( remember, he thinks hes a comedian) who has his take on one section of the book.

In one episode Oprah talked about the 10 must haves for your (women) wardrobe. Hubby will be telling his 10 must haves for men & their wardrobes. The author's journey of obtaining her 10 must haves had me rofl!

Besides the enjoyment factor, the book had a big impact on me. It gave me an "aha" moment! If this woman could follow Oprah's advice ( a woman she had never personally met) then why, oh why, can I not ( or would not) follow the advice of the Dr I trust & whom I pay money to for his advice.

And to take it farther, God gave us His instructions in the Bible. Did I think I try to live God's way before I read this book? Yes! Has my thinking on this changed since reading Robyn's book? YES! Do I truly pray without ceasing? Nope! Do I put others 1st? I think I do..but in a post someone sent me the other day I realized I am not as humble as I thought I was! So, thanks to this secular book, my eyes have opened better to my spiritual walk with God.

So, the changes in my life since reading this book has been to follow my dr's advice much more's still a struggle though...and to TRULY implement God's Word in my life in a way that I may have never done before. The verse that has been going thru my mind this week when I struggle with ( for example) taking my vitamins, is the verse in James that says To him that knoweth to do good & does it not, to him it is sin.

Thank you, Lord for the things you use to draw me closer to you.