Money Saved In 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009

End of the year

I am so looking forward to a new year. I hope to blog more. I am hoping for lots of moving forward in the new year and in the new decade.

Hope you like the new look to my blog. My beloved neice, Jax, did it for me!

I didnt get all the books read in '09 that I had wanted to, but I did get some. Here are the ones I got read:

Maggie's Miracle
Take One book 1 & 2
Shades of Blue
Like Dandelion Dust
Where Do I Go?
Who do I talk to?
Mr Bentley's Second Chance

This year gave me a new love for getting bargains/saving money. Jax was kind enough to get a ticker up for me to track what I save in the new year. I hope to blog about the savings as I go. I got 2 new coupong holders for Christmas to help me with the endeavor!

Hope to follow more blogs this year & make new friends in blog land!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you enjoy the last few days of the year & the decade!

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cajunquilter said...

I too will be trying to economize this year. Praying that this new year brings us all joy and peace.