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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new experience

As you all know, I"m an "older mom" Our 2 boys are raised & we are helping out with some of my brother's grandchildren. I am constantly amazed @ the changes since our boys were small. Today the youngest one & I went to Meijer's. I looked for one of those children's carts that stores sometimes have. lol Was I in for a surprise!! Yes, they have them..they had 7 of them in different colors. But here is the surprise..they have tv's in them! ROFLROFL They cost $1 & the money goes to the local children's hospitals. The little guy loved it! He picked the cart that would be showing Backyardigans! It was histerical! He was all smiles & would lean out the car to tell me what was going on on the tv! lol


cajunquilter said...

wow! none of our carts have tvs lol. But we don't have a meijers either. I probably spelled that wrong lol.

i miss you! email me girl!

FlipFlop Mom said...

I have NEVER seen one of those before.... that's pretty cool!!