Money Saved In 2010

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

June went by in a whirlwind!! I just read my only June post & out of the 3 goals yardwork is what I accomplished! Need to set July goals!

I'm thankful for life, family, friends & God.

Today is just working on being productive. I have been trying something new of doing 30-40 things a day. They might be small, they might be big, but it adds up.

Hope to check in much sooner this next time!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

A New Season

Good morning! Yesterday I finished homeschooling little granddaughter's 3rd grade year. As of right now I wont be homeschooling her anymore. And she moved yesterday! lol She has lived next door to us for 7 yrs! What a blessing. She is now 45 min away. So, life changes. We still have a 16 yr old, but that's going fast too! So, its a new season! While I am sad, I'm going to keep moving forward! Last night I spent 15 minutes working on a flower bed for the 1st time in years! Today, I'm attempting to return to blogging. I have a lot of de-cluttering to do & I plan to spend time with old friends as much as possible this summer.

I looked up some advice online of empty nest & things to do in your 50's. It was encouraging. So I'm kind of excited. I guess this is Daphne's "second act" lol

Some project goals for June are: yardwork, clean the garage & tearing up carpet! ( which I"ve never done)

Hope you all will join me on this journey. If you or someone you know has done this journey, I would love to hear about it.

Have a blessed day,


Monday, September 9, 2013

One Thousand Gifts A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

I am reading the book One Thousand Gifts A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp. It is changing me. I am so thankful for that. The reading of it, the embracing of it & God using it is bringing joy back into my life that hasn't been there for a long, long time. In the book, Ann dares us to find the abundant life that God wants us to have & that we can have right now..right where we are.

I saw a little blurb of an interview Ann had & the interviewer asked if  it was like being a Pollyanna ( I paraphrased the question as I can't remember the exact words.). I remember as a child loving Pollyanna & being criticzed for  having what they called a Pollyanna outlook. I think even then it wasn't Pollyanna outlook, it truly was seeing all the wonderful things I was blessed with all the time. Somewhere along the line I lost that of always being thankful. Somewhere along the line it became a woe is me...and I didn't even realize it.

I wish I had Ann's gifts for words. I know I am not doing the book justice. I highly would encourage everyone to read the book. Anyway, in her challenge it wasn't just to be thankful but to actually write it down. I started doing that...I think I got to about #6. So, I'm going to attempt to start over & post many of them here ( if not all)

#1 A sick hubby who makes me dinner because he said I looked tired.
#2 The giggles of baby girl as she runs thru the house while I chase her wearing the bear outfit she put on me.
#3 An adult son who shows grace & compassion even when he has been hurt.
#4 The 9 yr old smiling sweetly at me even when I've been grumpy with him.
#5 The opportunity to be with my mom even as I see her declining  rapidly.

Ann has asked anyone who blogs their list to please put a button of yet I haven't figured out how to do it. If anyone who reads this knows how, I would love to hear from you so I could do as Ann has requested.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Savings for 2010

I didnt do as well as keeping track as I had hoped for 2010. But I"m hopeful about 2011!! lol There were 3 months I did record & while I didnt do a lot, I know I did get some deals/savings. What I can account for is a savings of $469.00!! YAY!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 2

Day 2 of blogging! I had a blog idea ready to go & of course I forgot it! So just thought I"d share a couple of things from my day.

Got up @ was at the voting place before 7, hubby, mom & dad! lol I'm sure we were quite a sight!

Today when Mom & I were out doing errands, a truck driver honked @ me! Hubby rolf when I told him! He said " There you go honey! You are 47 yrs old & they still honk @ you! roflrofl

Well, that's it for today! I was lazy for a big part of the day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trust in the Lord

I love facebook! And I love the game Frontierville on facebook! My friend, Melinda, got me started on it. Her comment was " I love the missions. you do it & you're done" Well, I love it too! It gies you like 3 things to do to complete a mission & then you get your reward. I dont know how many times in my life I have said " I'm a woman on a mission" when I"m seriously trying to get something done.

I've heard many people say " If God would just tell me what to do I would do it". Well this weekend a light bulb went off for me! All these things Ive mentioned combined with one of my favorite verses from childhood finally congealed for me this weekend! The verse is Prov 3: 5 & 6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart & lean not into thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him & he shall direct thy path." ( I hope that's accurate..I did it from memory)

Probablly since I"ve been playing Frontierville so much I see everything as if I was playing there game! lol I'm seeing weeds to pull in my yard that I hadnt noticed before & every tree I see I"m thinking I should chop it down! lol So, when this verse came to mind this weekend, it came in mission form:

Trust in the Lord with all thy heart

Lean not into thine own understanding

In all they ways acknowledge Him

(then the reward) And He shall direct they path.

That was SO cool to me! And it's really come to life for me. I hadnt realized how much I am carrying burdens hundreds of things! Every time I start to fuss about something, now, I remind myself to Trust in the Lord. Everytime I think about how I'm going to "fix" something I now remember my mission of "lean not intho thine onw understanding" I"m working on " In all thy ways acknowledge him" Not sure exactly how to implement that into every minute of the day..but working on it.

Anyway, for me, this is very exciting. And so exciting to know that He is directing! WOO HOO!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Men's 10 must have clothing items-Guest blogger

Well, once again, hubby has agreed to blog. Again, I have a disclaimer...the thoughts & postings of the guest does not neccessarily reflect that of the blog owner! ROFLROFL. Without further ado...HEEERRRRRREEEEEE'SSSSSS Hubby!

10 Pieces of Clothing Ever Man Needs to Own
In response to Oprah's '10 (actually 12, guess she ain't smarter than a 5th grader) Pieces of Clothing Every Woman Should Own' I now offically fill in the lost data for the guy side of the equation. These are not 10 articles of clothing but 10 types with quantities because mine is a compelte list, unlike Oprahs (she forgot my first item for women).

1. Underware - at least 4 pairs, preferable 10, whoever can pick the type (thongs not included)
2. Socks - All the same style and color (black or dark grey is best), 5 pairs preferable 10
3. Jeans - 2 pairs
4. Tennis/Running/whatever shoes - You know what I mean, particular variety is your choice (see how easy I am to get along with?)
5. Casual shirts - 2 minimum. In my opinion the best are the 3 button, collared pullover with a pocket in the front. You would be amazed at what fits in that pocket. I am sure a woman did because a baby bottle is a perfect fit.
6. Dress Shoes - 1 pair, black (goes with all men's colors, which admittedly are very limited)
7. Work clothes - 3 sets - This will highly depend on what you do so is not specific. I would suggest 5 sets to get you through the week. Ask you launderer for advice and follow it if this is the wife.
8. Suit Coat - 1, black or dark blue - good for all ocassions, even weddings (no idea why)
9. T-shirt - white so it can be bleached. You can probably get away with just 1 here.
10. Tie - 1 (no getting around it). Go for black if only one, or maybe red. I don't care what Donald Trump wears, pink is not an acceptable color for any healthy American all-male man. Trust me on this.

Ok, there it is, the complete wardrobe set of clothes needed by a man. Remember, this is NEED. Extras make laundary times farther apart but larger to do. And any "special" clothing is strickly your own business, not mine.